This past weekend, I was so honored to be a part of Single Mothers Outreach's annual gala, Empowering heARTS. This year, the theme was "Empowering." Ten amazing ladies were nominated because of their amazing, empowering characteristics. Each lady is paired up with an artist, who then takes the time to learn about their honoree and their story, and creates a piece based on their experiences.

I had the pleasure of being paired up with Michele Buttelman, an incredible woman. Michele has been involved in print journalism for her entire career and it has played a huge part in her life story.

I decided to take that angle (print journalism) and the role she plays as a liaison between the media and the community. Everything in the media can be hectic, chaotic and full of turmoil, but Michele's empowerment creates a calmness, a peacefulness that translates to the community. She is able to use the media to convey information to the masses. She is the eye of the media storm.

I want to thank Single Mother's Outreach for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful event. I also want to thank my fantastic honoree, Michele for trusting me with her life story and transforming it into a photo based on my vision.

(Photo provided by Single Mothers Outreach)

Michele wrote a short article about the event. You can see it here.