I continue my admiration for working moms.  I'd like to introduce the wonderful Nancy Ramirez-Schier.

Besides being a Mom, what do you do?

When I am not a mom of two, Sabrina (7)  and Danté (3), I am a dreamer. I have this world filled with swirls, rainbows and some great jazz music. I love to explore with textures, aging and making lost objects treasures again.  I use to paint but at the moment I'm taking a break since oil painting can be messy and the smells (though I LOVE the smell of oils.) I always knew I wanted to be an artist, I couldn't believe my options when I went to ArtCenter in Pasadena.  My problem is I love trying a little of everything.  As the illustration industry slowed down, I found that my curiosity of doing a little bit of everything paid off.  I've worked in video games, animation, the greeting card industry and fashion. And the thing is I love it all! I see how they all influence each other. My dream though is to open a gallery for families to enjoy. From children's books, fairy plays, handcrafted items, paper goods to clothing. My openings would have a circus like feeling.  Invite guest artists come share their journey, the kiddos do crafts and moms can enjoy coffee or a treat.  And maybe a family yoga class in the garden.

What have you discovered/learned in your line of work can you apply to your family life that helps you be a better Mom?

I always try to find creative solutions for my work. And now try to teach my kids to apply it to their struggles. To stay creative and try make it a game. My oldest, Sabrina (7) has to write paragraphs to learn spelling words. I told her to think of writing a story she wants to tell (usually involves animals) and then to illustrate it. Well, that made it a fun challenge rather than a boring homework assignment for her.  She loves making up stories and now looks forward to writing sentences or paragraphs. Now if I could find the same idea for math that works, bingo! I also tend to team up with my hubby on some assignments which then we come up with something totally different I would have never thought of. And with that I let the kids try to do tag drawing. Where we take turns drawing on each other doodles, Danté (3) is still figuring out how to scribble but he can think of some funny things. It teaches them to think outside the box and also teamwork.

Most memorable Mom moment:

Gosh which one do I share? A happy one, scary or believing I was going crazy? How's a funny embarrassing one that I never thought I'd experience before I know what having kids was like. Here I am about to go out. I have to change my little boy who at the time was maybe 6 months old? I am feeling good, kids fed and bathed, house is pretty clean, going out with friends (a very rare thing) and I'm actually dressed with make up on and its time to go. Kiss kids bye, hubby bye. I'm off. I still smell poopie. Clean my hands again. Get to the place, and as I am fixing my hair discover I have poopie in my hair!  Real attractive.

Best tip(s)/advice to a Mom who is struggling to balance family life and work:

Set yourself a slot that is work time for yourself. I try to make that early in the am before the kids are up and the evening. The middle of the day is all them. Especially now that it's summer (of course when there's a deadline that's all out the window right?) Enjoy and stay in the moment because it's short and they grow up faster than you can believe. Deep breaths. I found yoga to help me find my sanity and reduce anxiety.  Enjoy the silly stuff and letting go of the craziness. And most of all have fun with the kids!!! Giggle. ( I have to remind myself of this too...)

Thank you, my friend! If you'd like to ask Nancy any questions or see more of her work, you can visit her website at spiceybrain.com.