With everything going on in my life, I have to remember to set my priorities. That's right, my son's Valentine's Day Cards come first (hee hee.) Forget the laundry. Forget the dishes.

This year, my son was prepared to take the lollipop photo. He knew exactly what to do and how to hold his fist in the air. Only Mommy didn't want to do the lollipop photo because we've done it the past two years. Mommy has a new idea! But that didn't matter. So we did the lollipop Valentine's Day card again (well, we are in a new city, and he does go to a new school...) BUT we also added a new Valentine's Day Card.

This year, I still wanted to attach candy to the card (uh, that's a no-brainer!) but do something different than a lollipop. So I had him hold up his empty palm to the camera while I took some shots (easier said than done, especially with a little brother running around us in circles, literally, and into the frame.)

So instead of getting the shot I had in mind, I got this.

And this.

And this (times 20).

Eventually got some great shots of my son. So it was time to start the Valentine's Day Cards...

First of all, I chose two poses (one for the lollipop card and the other for the "new" candy card) and sent them to the lab to be printed. Then, I glued the photos onto card stock for support.

I used an X-Acto knife to cut a small slit above and below his fist and carefully slipped the lollipop through. Do this carefully, because you can rip your card. Be sure to make a couple extra copies just in case! For step-by-step directions on how to create the Lollipop Valentine's Day Card, please refer to my post from last year, I Heart Valentine's Day (still.)


For the other card, I used a Life Saver. I applied a glue dot to the center of his palm and pressed the Life Saver down on top of it.

The finished product? He's holding up a delicious Life Saver or lollipop for his Valentine.

Have a great Valentine's Day and please let me know if you, too, created a card for your little one!