Day 20. When They're Home. Um, when are they not?

Step into the life of mine for a couple of minutes. Think crazy. Think laughter. Think exhaustion.

But I love it.

I remember back to the days before I had kids. How much easier and faster such everyday, mundane tasks were. Let's take getting into the car, for example. Before kids, I could simply open the car door, sit down behind the wheel, buckle myself in and start the car. Now, what used to take about 10 seconds can take 5 minutes. Really. Gathering the kids, opening the back door first, getting the little one strapped in even though he's screaming and refusing to sit down (and I've run out of toys/food/stickers to bribe him with) strapping down my 5-year-old, crawling backwards out of the car, opening the drivers' side door, flinging my purse and diaper bag to the passenger seat and finally sitting down to buckle myself in. All this while trying to tune out the screaming/crying/complaining.

The crazy thing is that I must be completely mental because I love it.

I also don't mind watching "kid's" movies. I think companies such as Pixar do a great job of making their movies entertaining for both adults and kids. Kind of like the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. C'mon. What kid really knows what a "Ma-roon" is?