Day 15. Kiss. I really did intend this photo to be focused on my son's lips. I had him puckering at the camera, focusing on the wonderful shape of his little lips, his kiss so close to my lens. All of a sudden, he got up, grabbed something and stuck it in his mouth.

Yes, he's already set directing.

I love kisses from my kids. It's what, as Moms, keeps us going. Remember the days when you would wake up every 45 minutes to feed them as a newborn? Amongst the grogginess, grumpiness and madness (all due to lack of sleep... really!) it only took a little smile, or a small scent of your little one to make you forget all your worries. You can't help but kiss their little head and realize that you are doing your best, and this is all for them.

Much like the other milestones you record in their baby book, the moment they are able to reciprocate your love by kissing and hugging you is a day, a feeling, a moment you will never forget.