Day 10. Space. No, not the Final Frontier, but where they feel comfortable. My boys love to rough house. They love to be goofy. They love to scream and shout at the top of their lungs for "fun." And really, indoors isn't the best option for all three at the same time (my ears and sanity can give you many reasons why it's not) so we usually retreat to our backyard for outdoor fun.

The swings? Fun. The slide? Even more fun. But the trampoline!  SO MUCH FUN! It's like a self-contained wrestling ring with a springy floor. Who wouldn't act wild in that? On the trampoline, it's okay to wrestle (who says you have to jump on the trampoline?) It's okay to run in circles until you lose your balance. It's okay to practice your best karate kick, even if you're not in karate.

It's also okay to lay down and watch the clouds go by.