Day 8. Gift from the heart. When I read today's assignment (well, yesterday's) I couldn't really pinpoint one thing that my husband has given me, or my kids have given me. I can think of sooooo many things but I wanted to find that one thing that truly represents my most treasured gift from the heart. And then it hit me. I looked at my little bottle of  lotion next to my keyboard (amongst the stack of papers/toys/unpaid bills at my desk) and the name of the lotion said it all. Falling in Love.

I'm so thankful that my husband has been there for me. For me to fall in love with him. For us to have a family of our own to fall in love with. I love my boys, and I tell them that constantly all day.

Love is the gift my husband and kids have given me. And I love the opportunity to love them back.

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