Day 7. Generations. This one is tough. Since our family isn't close by, I've decided to tuck this one into my pocket and pull it out for when we see our family next.

In the meantime, I've decided to show how having boys = getting their haircut. Often.

Being a girl, I have the choice to grow out my hair. And really, I get my haircut about once a year. I'm one of those who grows out their hair, then chops about 13 inches off. If I'm getting my hair cut, then why not go for a drastic change?

Anyhow, my boys aren't fans of getting their hair cut. At all. I've done the ice cream/lollipop treat afterwards, but there are still many, many tears in the process. So my husband decided to pull out the clippers yesterday and do it himself. And no, we don't own a Flowbee.

Much to my surprise, no tears were shed! Just a lot of complaining, squishy faces and squirming. And yes, I did have the ice cream ready immediately afterwards.