Day 6. Who they love. Well, besides my husband and me. As you may know, the subject for this monthly series has been my two boys. And as cheesy as it sounds, the answer to today's topic, "Who they Love" is: each other.

I grew up with one sister, and as much as we fought, we were always the closest of friends. Well, that is until she complained I kept copying everything she did (I am the little sister, you know...)

We played Barbies together, she made me clothing patterns for my Cabbage Patch dolls (we didn't have the money to actually buy new outfits for them, so we made our own) and she even taught me how to write my name in cursive when I was still in Kindergarten. What a cool big sister.

I think of these things every time I hear my boys play. And even when the laughter suddenly turns into crying and complaining, they are still communicating, right? I mean, having my 2-year-old slide right into his brother, at full-speed of course, at the bottom of the slide is "bonding," right?

I know that they will continue to be the best of friends. Even when my oldest complains that his brother keeps copying him.