Day 4. Getting the hang of this. If you haven't noticed, I have boys. Boys who like to wrestle. Boys who like to dive head-first into the couch cushions. Boys who like to get dirty and don't really notice that they have maple syrup or banana or oatmeal all over their shirt.

So getting them dressed in the morning isn't that much of a challenge. My older one picks out his clothes for the day, and that process usually takes a nanosecond. Getting himself dressed and not running around in just his underwear is another story.

So here's what they are wearing today. No fuss. No pink.

My 5-year-old loves sports (yes, that's a jersey, and yes, that's a play broom he's tucking under his arm. He pretends it's a bat and constantly does his own play-by-play) and decided to bling it up this morning with some Toy Story rings. Oh, and I cannot forget the tattoo on his other arm.

My 2-year-old's fashion statement is more of a factual statement. Trust me.