This is the first time I'm contributing a photo to the Love that Shot Website. This weeks' theme is: Favorite Faces. I recently took Engagement photos of a wonderful friend I've known for 10 years and her now-husband (congrats, guys!) They just tied the knot 4 days ago.

This photo truly captures the closeness between the two. It reminds me of how they were staring at each other, in anticipation of starting their journey together. And the best part is that you couldn't even tell that they were in the midst of planning their wedding which was less than 2 weeks away. Talk about being in the moment!

I wanted their Engagement photos to include the interesting textures and great colors that surrounded them. What good is a fabulous location if you can't show any of it?!? It took me awhile, but I finally realized the worn brick used to read, "Buster Brown Shoes." Love it. Oh, and I used a 2.8 70-135mm to get this shot.

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