Every week, the kids attend Pioneer Club. For those of you who are not familiar with Pioneer Club, it is a church-sponsored club program for kids that is Christ-centered and Bible-based. They love it, and I do too. As an incentive for good behavior, the kids are given a chance to take Skippy the Dog home with them. Skippy is a cute and cuddly puppet, that EVERY kid wants to take home and surround with love. Well, almost every kid.

My youngest was given Skippy this past club night, and let's just say that my older son was ecstatic when he saw his little brother carrying him to the car.

While my oldest son fell asleep with Skippy that night, my youngest thought it was more fun to jump on Skippy and sit on him. I, of course, had to document this.

We took Skippy to school with us the next day, and again, it was my oldest who was more captivated with the puppet. My youngest? He was much more entertained by throwing Skippy to the ground, laughing in the process. He thinks my reaction is priceless when he abuses Skippy, so of course, he does it over and over. Which I admit, makes me laugh.