I know the feeling. You've just captured the perfect photo. It's going to look amazing, and even better in black and white. The problem is, after you convert your photo to black and white, is it really a black and white photo? Or is it a gray and gray? Many black and white software adjustments turn well-balanced color photos into a flat, gray disasters. Simply desaturating the photo will turn your picture gray. You need to at least adjust the contrast in order to produce some true blacks and whites.

Let me show you an example. Here's a photo in color:

And here's the same photo, desaturated:

As you can see, the picture is just too gray. No blacks, no whites, just gray.

Let's adjust the contrast and brightness:

Ah, much better. Adjusting the contrast and brightness added not only black and white, but also some depth. Perfect! Now go and fix all those gray and gray photos and make them black and white!