Ahhh. Valentine's Day. To some, it may mean a bouquet of red roses. To others, it may mean a box of chocolates. But to my 4-year-old, it means trading Valentine's Day cards at school (not to mention the abundance of candy that comes along with the holiday.) Instead of purchasing Valentine's Day cards at the store, I decided to make my (ahem, I mean his) cards stand out by creating them myself.

I started out by taking a photo of my son, asking him to make a fist (sounds easier than it was!) I added some borders, textures and designs to the finished picture and then glued it onto card stock to give it some stability. I carefully used an exacto knife to cut a slit above and below his fist and inserted a heart shaped lollipop into his hand. Voila!

(Thanks to The Maternal Lens for the inspiration!)