Ryan I like to find out what my clients are thinking when I'm taking their photos, so when I asked Katy Pope of Castaic (a Frequent Smiles Club session winner) if I could pick her brain, she gladly accepted. She is the recent winner of a complimentary photo session, and I had a great time taking photos of her son, Ryan.

What were you expecting before the photo session?

I was very surprised at the amount of time that was spent photographing Ryan. I expected a short meeting and a few photos. However, several hours were spent with Ryan and getting to know him. It showed a great deal in his photos.

Have you ever taken studio/posed photos before? If so, was the experience different between a natural light session vs. a studio session?

I took studio photos with my niece and nephew years ago for many years. We have used professional photographers before with Ryan but never in a studio setting. I prefer the natural light it seems more alive.

What made your session with me unique?

I enjoyed the up close shoots of Ryan. I love to see his eyes and smile and I think you captured that twinkle in his eyes.

What did you enjoy about the session?

I felt that you took the time to figure out Ryan and what I enjoyed about him and his personality.

How did Ryan feel during the photo shoot?

Ryan was a bit shy at first but he warmed up fast and became very comfortable.

What was the comfort level during the session?

Ryan and I both became very comfortable. I think it is very easy to become comfortable with someone who is sharing their passion. It is very obvious that you enjoyed photographing Ryan and have a passion for doing it.

What can I do to make your experience better?

It was difficult at first for me to know my role in helping you photograph Ryan and where my boundaries laid in each photograph. Such as when I was playing hide and seek at the end of our session should I have done this through out the shoot. The photographs during that time really captured his true smile and I would have liked more shots showing that.

Ryan and his Funky Monkey

Mr. Funky Monkey

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